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DC + pulse converter [M150]
DC + pulse converter
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EAN: 4024028031507
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Technical Data
Operating voltage 110 V/AC or 230 V/AC (is led to the dimmer module via the connections)
Output The module delivers a control voltage for the potentiometer input of the dimmer modules M012, M028 or M028N (Page 46)
Input The module M150 may either be controlled with control DC voltages of 1 - 5 V/DC or 3 - 12 V/DC or 6 - 24 V/DC. Or with TTL pulses with a pulse width modulation
Frequency between 1 - 10 kHz
Impulse voltage approx. 5 V/DC, pulse width 10 - 90% PWM. The power is adjusted with the pulse width 10 - 90%
Input resistances control input 1 - 5 V/DC >1,4 k, control input 3 - 12 V/DC >4,1 k, control input 6 - 24 V/DC >9,1 k
TTL pulse input >1,1 k
Galvanic separation via an optocoupler between the control inputs and the signal output towards the power control module
Dimensions approx. 70 x 60 x 23 mm (without fastening straps)

By connecting this module in series, it is possible to control our power control modules (230 V/AC or 110 V/AC) M012 + M028 + M028N (from microcomputers or PCs) with a DC voltage or a pulse width modulation. This module is connected at the spot of the potentiometer. Galvanic separation of the control circuit via optocouplers. Control may be done optionally (at 230 V/AC) 1 - 5 V/DC, 3 - 12 V/DC, 6 - 24 V/DC. Or TTL rectangular pulses 5 V/DC, 1 - 10 kHz pulse width 10 - 90% PWM (Puls width modulation). Regulation is done by changing the pulse width.

The DC and pulse converter module M150 is an ideal controlling module for:

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