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21.M032N-Amplifier 12 W, universal
22.M152-Rain Sensor 12 V/DC
24.B093-Electronic dice
25.M094N-Marten repeller
26.M174-Solar charging regulator Dual 16 A
27.M157-Marten defence
28.M158-Water Switch 9 - 12 V/DC
29.M033N-Amplifier 18 W, universal
30.M168-Overvoltage Protection 12 V/DC
31.M161-Ultrasonic Power Cannon
32.L100-Conductive Silver
33.M113A-Time switch 12 - 15 V/DC
34.M012-Power Control 110 / 240 V/AC, 1200 VA
35.M128N-HF Detector (Mini Spy Finder)
36.M169A-Temperature switch-thermostat 12 V/DC
37.M062-Mini-Fence-High-Voltage Generator
38.M071N-Ultrasonic vermin repeller
40.M031N-Amplifier 3,5 W, universal
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