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21.M122-Twilight switch 12 V/DC
22.M229-Marten Defence for Motor Vehicles, battery-operated with positive-negative contact plates
23.M015N-DC/DC Converter, adjustable
24.Z100-Marten Repellent Spray
25.M062-Mini-Fence-High-Voltage Generator
26.B093-Electronic dice
27.M012-Power Control 110 / 240 V/AC, 1200 VA
28.M128N-HF Detector (Mini Spy Finder)
29.M167N-Level Indicator for Water Tanks
30.L010-Piezo Loudspeaker
31.L100-Conductive Silver
33.M071N-Ultrasonic vermin repeller
34.M161-Ultrasonic Power Cannon
35.M032N-Amplifier 12 W, universal
37.M157-Marten defence
38.FG025SET-Marten and Raccoon Repeller Electric Fence
39.FG016-Exhaust Control
40.M202-Lead-Acid Battery Activator / Refresher 12 V
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M172 Setup

How is the device connected to the dynamo?

Please find out which of the two cables coming from the dynamo is connected to the centre lamp contact. Once the correct cable has been determined, it has to be separated within close proximity to the M172. Take the end coming from the dynamo and connect it to the “Dynamo” connection on the M172. The other cable end (going to the two lamps) is connected to the “Light” connection on the M172. The “Frame” connection is connected with the wire that runs from the outer lamp contact to the dynamo. Note: When using a wheel hub dynamo, it is possible that at speeds of > 40 km/h the charge controller switches off the due to a too high dynamo voltage. However, at lower speeds it will automatically switch back on.

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