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21.M032N-Amplifier 12 W, universal
22.M152-Rain Sensor 12 V/DC
24.B093-Electronic dice
25.M094N-Marten repeller
26.M174-Solar charging regulator Dual 16 A
27.M157-Marten defence
28.M158-Water Switch 9 - 12 V/DC
29.M033N-Amplifier 18 W, universal
30.M168-Overvoltage Protection 12 V/DC
31.M161-Ultrasonic Power Cannon
32.L100-Conductive Silver
33.M113A-Time switch 12 - 15 V/DC
34.M012-Power Control 110 / 240 V/AC, 1200 VA
35.M128N-HF Detector (Mini Spy Finder)
36.M169A-Temperature switch-thermostat 12 V/DC
37.M062-Mini-Fence-High-Voltage Generator
38.M071N-Ultrasonic vermin repeller
40.M031N-Amplifier 3,5 W, universal
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Important installation instructions, please note!

Depending on the load the module heats up. The heat is dissipated from the aluminum plate at the bottom of the module. Under certain circumstances it must be mounted on a cooling surface according to installation instructions. It is important that the module is fixed with 4 M3 screws (or 2.9mm metal screws) on the cooling surface. This may be the back wall of a metal casing. The aluminum plate on the bottom of the module must not bend, do not use larger screws and do not drill larger holes. The screw heads must rest on the plate of the module, rather than on the plastic edge of the module! During assembly, the module should not be curled up (if the ground is not flat). The reason: on the inside of the aluminum base of the module the thin insulating layer are directly soldered on the electronic SMD components. When the aluminum floor of the module curls up, the joints and the module start loosen and the module is defective. Please ensure that the maximum specified temperature (as specified in the module's description) is not exceeded. Otherwise apply a larger cooling plate.

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