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- Animal Repeller/Car/Modules
M101A ◁▷ M103N
M102A - Second battery charger 6 - 24 V/DC
Technical Data
Batteries to be connected
2 each of the same voltage 6 - 24 V/DC
Max. charging current
10 A, with cooling 20 A at maximum (total current)
approx. 87 x 60 x 33 mm (without fixingstraps)
For lead accumulators 6 to 24 V. With this accumulator separating filter 2 accumulators are charged separately at one source of charging current (vehicle generator, solar systems, windmills, chargers etc). For charging currents up to 10 A at maximum (with cooling 20 A). The charging current distributes in such a manner that an empty battery will be charged more than an battery that is almost charged. It is perfect for motor caravans if one battery operates the television, radio etc. and the second battery must remain charged in order to start the motor. Or for weekend cottages if one battery used for the alarm system must not be emptied. A compensating current of approx. 0.005 A may flow between both accumulators (during normal operation at 12 V). This serves the purpose to enable a solar regulator, which is possibly connected in series the possibly necessary voltage control.
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