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M197 ◁▷ M203
M202 - Lead-Acid Battery Activator / Refresher 12 V
Technical Data
Operating voltage
approx. >11 - 16 V
Automatic deactivation
approx. <11 V
Max. pulsed current
approx. <100 A
Duration pulsed current
approx. <100 μsec.
Pulse sequence
approx. every 5 sec.
Current consumption
approx. <0.2 mA
Pulse display
May also be used for GEL batteries
approx. 74 x 51 x 30 mm (without fastening straps)
Acts against the sedimentation of lead sulfate and thus increases the service life of the car battery. Lead sulfate is actively removed and the sedimentation is prevented, respectively, through strong and very short current pulses. With LED display.
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