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M069N ◁▷ M073N
M071N - Ultrasonic vermin repeller
EAR registrated
Ultrasonic vermin repeller
Ultrasonic vermin repeller
Technical Data
Operating voltage
12 V/DC (10-13.8 V/DC)
Current consumption
ca. < 60 mA
Adjustable frequency
ca. 8 - 40 KHz (± 15%)
Frequency deviation, ca. 2 x per second
app. 2-3 KHz (automatic change of frequency, siren-like)
Sound pressure
max. 100 dB (± 15%) (Ultrasonic devices should have a sound pressure level exceeding 100 dB (C) to avoid habituation (ADAC test results). (Source
>40m with free field of vision
Loudspeaker’s beam angle
max. 140°
Connection of additional piezoelectric loudspeakers
max. 4 additional loudspeakers may be connected
Functional display
blinking LED
via free cables
ca. 72 x 50 x 33 mm (without fastening straps, with potentiometer)
This ultrasonic generator produces pulsating and aggressive ultrasonic sounds like a siren which many animals perceive as extremely unpleasant and, therefore, try to avoid as far as possible. The generator should be used to keep away rodents, insects, crawling parasites, game and birds, etc.
The frequency of the generator is adjustable between approx. 8 - 40 KHz. A special loudspeaker with vaulted aluminium dome membrane has been built in to achieve a better sound distribution. A stabilised power supply 12 V/DC (< 60 mA) is necessary for setting into operation. Up to 4 additional loudspeakers Kemo L001 (built-in loudspeaker) or L002 (on-wall loudspeaker) may be connected, if larger rooms (> 30 m²) shall be exposed to ultrasonic waves. Available accessories:
L001 - Piezo spherical dome tweeter with flare
L002 - Ultrasonic wall loudspeaker
P5123 - Mini piezoelectric tweeter for M094N

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