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M148-24 ◁▷ M149N
M148A - Battery guard 12 V/DC
EAR registrated
Battery guard 12 V/DC
Battery guard 12 V/DC
Technical Data
Operating voltage
12 V battery
Max. switching capacity
20 A (10 A without cooling, 20 A with additional cooling)
Interrupting voltage
adjustable approx. 10.4 - 13.3 V
Resetting voltage
approx. 0.8 V (± 0.3 V) higher than the adjusted interrupting voltage
Cutoff element
power MOS transistor in the negative line
Own current consumption
< 0.7 mA in OFF condition, < 1.6 mA in ON condition (LED lights)
approx. 87 x 60 x 33 mm (with mounting bottom)
This battery saver protects your car battery from total discharge by switching off consumers such as ice boxes, heaters, radios + television sets, etc. in time. It switches on again automatically after return of the normal voltage. The interrupting voltage is adjustable: approx. 10.4 - 13.3 V.

Important installation instructions, please note!

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