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M158 ◁▷ M167N
M161 - Ultrasonic Power Cannon
EAR registrated
Ultrasonic Power Cannon
Ultrasonic Power Cannon
Technical Data
Operating voltage
12 - 14,4 V/DC
Power consumption
max. 150 mA
ca. 22 kHz (not audible to men)
Frequency curve
Pulse width
ca. 0,5 sec.
Pulse sequence
ca. 5 sec.
flashing LED when the loudspeaker is connected
Loudspeaker output
for piezo-loudspeakers
Max. 2 each of the enclosed type L010 may be operated in parallel (1 loudspeaker is attached).
ca. 60 x 46 x 20 mm (without fixing straps)
High-Power Ultrasonic Pulse Generator with Loudspeaker chase away wild animals such as martens, wild boars, deers etc from gardens, farmlands etc. The loudspeaker emits pulsed ultrasonic sounds, which have an acoustic range of up to 300 m with a tube placed upon (not included).
Available accessory: L010 - Piezo Loudspeaker

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