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M158 ◁▷ M167N
M161 - Ultrasonic Power Cannon
EAR registrated
Ultrasonic Power Cannon
Ultrasonic Power Cannon
Technical Data
Operating voltage
12 - 14,4 V/DC
Power consumption
max. 150 mA
ca. 22 kHz (not audible to men)
Frequency curve
Pulse width
ca. 0,5 sec.
Pulse sequence
ca. 5 sec.
flashing LED when the loudspeaker is connected
Loudspeaker output
for piezo-loudspeakers
Max. 2 each of the enclosed type L010 may be operated in parallel (1 loudspeaker is attached).
ca. 60 x 46 x 20 mm (without fixing straps)
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