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Z101 ◁▷ Z176
Z115 - "Ground"-Mat for electroshock devices
"Ground"-Mat for electroshock devices
"Ground"-Mat for electroshock devices
Technical Data
approx. 210 x 150 x 2 mm

Against martens and rodents in vehicles and buildings

In vehicles:
This is an accessory for contact plate-electroshock devices, which are used against martens in vehicles. The martens that enter into the engine department do only get an electric shock upon touching the high-voltage contact plates if they touch the vehicle mass (chassis) with the paws at the same time. But nowadays there are cars that are largely laid out with plastic linings. In such cases the marten‘s contact with the high-voltage contact plates is without effect as the simultaneous contact with the vehicle mass (chassis) is missing. In this case it is necessary that this self-adhesive “ground” mat is affixed close to the high-voltage contact plates so that the marten will touch this with the paws at the same when it bites into the high-voltage contact plates. A cable is affixed to the “ground” mat, which has to be electrically connected to the nearest ground point of the vehicle.
The “ground” mat must not be exposed to temperatures above 60°C.

On lofts:
This “ground” mat may also be mounted inside at the entrance holes, e.g. on lofts, in order to chase away the martens out of the house. In this case the mat has to be affixed at the bottom of the entrance hole on the floor, the high-voltage contact plates have to be mounted at the marten‘s eye level directly vis-a-vis and the cable of the “ground” mat is to be connected with the ground connection (negative pole of the battery) of the high-voltage marten defence. If the marten now wants to slip through its entrance hole into the loft, it will then unevitably touch the “ground” mat with the paws and one high-voltage contact plate with the snout or forepaws. If the marten then gets an electric shock, it will escape.
It is recommendable to chase away the marten with strong ultrasonic devices in addition (> 20 kHz, > 100 dB).

Accessory for:
M186 - Marten Defence for Motor Vehicles 12 V/DC
M176 - Marten Defence for Motor Vehicles 12 V/DC, splash-proof with IP 65*

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