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FG025 ◁▷ FG028
FG025SET - Marten and Raccoon Repeller Electric Fence
EAR registrated
Marten and Raccoon Repeller Electric Fence
Marten and Raccoon Repeller Electric Fence
Technical Data
Operating voltage
12 V/DC battery or power supply (not included)
Current input
barrel connector-socket 2.1 mm
Current consumption
approx. Ø 0.008 A (pulsed, temporary 100 mA)
Output voltage
max. 2400 V pulses
Clock pulse interval
> 1.2 sec.
approx. 0.12 joule (against small animals)
Stainless steel strand
Ø approx. 0.7 mm, 7 stranded single wires
Max. wire lengths
permitted up to approx. 100 m
Pipe clamp
for downpipes Ø approx. 70 - 110 mm
Size high-voltage generator
approx. 122 x 72 x 66 mm (without mounting feet and connecting terminals)
High voltage electric fence for mounting at gutters and downpipes against martens and raccoons in houses. The animals often climb up the downpipes and via gutters into the loft to nest there. An electric shock at this two pole electric fence should expel the animals effectively. A plug power supply 12 V/DC, output at least 100 mA or a 12 V car battery > 12 Ah is still required for operation (both is not included). In both cases the electric cable requires a barrel connector of 5,5 x 2,1 mm.

FG025SET warning sign electric fence (pdf)

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