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FG025SET ◁▷ G004
FG028 - Pasture Fence Device approx. 8000 V
EAR registrated
Pasture Fence Device approx. 8000 V
Pasture Fence Device approx. 8000 V
Technical Data
Operating voltage
12 V/DC (car battery or plug power supply)
Current consumption
Ø approx. 45 mA | Battery total discharge protection: automatic disconnection at <8.4 V battery voltage
Power indicator
flashing LED
Output voltage
max. approx. 8000 V / approx. 310 mJ
High-voltage pulse sequence
approx. 2 sec.
approx. 207 x 158 x 93 mm
Pulse approx. 310 mJ, 12 V operating voltage (battery)
For pastures with larger animals (e.g. horses) with fence lengths up to approx. 5 km (without vegetation). All connections are inside and thus well protected (the cables are led into the interior of the casing through channels). Built-in total discharge protection for the 12 V battery. Very low current consumption (Ø approx. 45 mA). Connection cable for a car battery (battery is not included in the delivery) with a cable length of approx. 1.8 m with 2 terminal alligators is included. Connection cable with terminal for the pasture fence is included as well.
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