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M150 ◁▷ M152K
M152 - Rain Sensor 12 V/DC
EAR registrated
Rain Sensor 12 V/DC
Rain Sensor 12 V/DC
Technical Data
Operating voltage
12 V/DC
Current consumption without / with heating
ca. 8 / 160 mA
Relay contact
1 x ON, maximum load 25 V, 2.5 A
Sensor heating
automatically in case of contact with rain
Light-emitting diode 1
indication that the rain sensor works
Light-emitting diode 2
indication that rain is reported and the relay has switched on
Duty cycle of the relay
as long as the sensor is wet
The module is encapsulated waterproof.
Active sensor surface, gold-plated
ca. 29 x 30 mm
ca. 65 x 45 x 36 mm
If the sensor plate gets into contact with rain or slushy snow / hail, it switches on a relay. Sun blinds may be retracted with that, skylights may be closed or a simple rain alarm can be given. The automatically heated surface of the sensor prevents any freezing or wetting of the sensor surface. 2 installed LEDs indicate the function. Waterproof-encapsulated electronics.

Note: The electronics of the rain sensor reacts to the electrical conductivity of the water. We have now ascertained that there are areas where rainwater falls, which is absolutely clean (distilled water). The sensor does not react to this. The water must be at least slightly contaminated (fractions of dust, smoke, etc.) so that the water is electroconductive and triggers the sensor. In Germany the rainwater is conductive in 99% of the areas. If the sensor does not trigger in your case, you should install it in such a manner that the rainwater runs at first over a small porch roof or the like before the water touches the sensor. If the water falls directly from the cloud on the sensor in its purest form and does not trigger it, it will be sufficient if it runs over a small board or from a porch roof on the sensor. Then the water will have absorbed enough impurifications that it will be electroconductive and triggers the sensor. Of course, the sensor has to be built it slantwise so that the water runs down again.

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