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M152 ◁▷ M157
M152K - Rain Sensor, Capacitive
Technical Data
Operating voltage
12 V/DC
Current consumption max.
approx. 130 mA
Relay contact
1 x ON, maximum load 25 V 2.5 A
Sensor heating
automatically in case of contact with rain
Light-emitting diode 1
indication that the rain sensor works
Light-emitting diode 2
indication that rain is reported and the relay has switched on
Duty cycle of the relay
as long as the sensor is wet
Active sensor surface
approx. 26 x 32 mm
Overall dimensions
approx. 65 x 45 x 36 mm
A relay connects if the completely insulated sensor plate gets wet (e.g. raindrops). In contrast to rain detectors with a metallic sensor, this sensor functions capacitively. That means it also switches when getting into contact with distilled water (completely clean rain). Skylights may then be closed with it, canvas blinds may be pulled in or rain is just indicated. 2 installed LEDs indicate the function. The sensitivity is adjustable.
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