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M100N ◁▷ M102A
M101A - Magnet Field Generator
EAR registrated
Magnet Field Generator
Magnet Field Generator
Technical Data
Operating voltage
6 - 16 V/DC
Current consumption
ca. < 130 mA
Operating frequency
< 2000 Hz
For water pipes made of copper, plastic, steel, approx. Ø 8 - 80 mm
max. approx. 5000 l/h
The coil on the water pipe must be wound in opposite directions!!
approx. 76 x 56 x 28 mm (without fastening straps)
Magnetic field generator for sanitary conduits
Produces magnetic alternating fields, which charge the trace elements such as lime, metal oxides, etc. contained in water positively molecular. So it can be prevented that these cannot dock to molecules that are also charged positively (e.g. pipes). Thus the deposit of lime, minerals, etc. in pipes, valves, etc. is made difficult or prevented, respectively.

Required plug power supply: 6 - 15 V/DC with jack plug 3,5 mm, < 130 mA (not enclosed).

For indoor use only

example of use and details
Magnet Field Generator against calcification M101A - Application test

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