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Thirst reminder [FG019]
Thirst reminder
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EAN: 4024028020198
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Technical Data
Operating voltage A plug power supply with an input voltage of 230 V/AC, output 12 or 15 V/DC > 150 mA is enclosed.
Time switch 24-hour clock. Mechanical time switch with sliding riders, which is very simple to operate. A message may be adjusted every 15 minutes.
Recording text Texts up to 5 seconds may be recorded: e.g. „Dear grandma Anna, you must drink something now!“ Repetition: every 50 – 60 seconds within 15 minutes unless the „STOP“ button is pressed.
Rendering A bell signal sounds at first followed by the noise of pouring water into a glass and the recorded text then.
Volume adjustable.
Displays 2 illuminated displays: „Ready“ (ON) and „Reminder announcement runs now” (ALARM)
Dimensions approx. 120 x 100 x 82 mm

Reminds elderly people at adjustable times to drink something.
Elderly people often no longer have a feeling of thirst and forget to drink regularly. The body then „dehydrates“ as the medics say, it runs dry. By means of the noise of a bell, a noise of pouring water into a glass followed by a recorded message, the “Thirst Reminder” reminds to drink something at times that were adjusted before. The message may be recorded before (e.g. by a close relative). The reminder is especially observed if a familiar voice (e.g. the grandchild, daughter) addresses the elderly person by his/her first name that he/she must drink something.

Registered at IFA "Informationsstelle für Arzneispezialitäten"

Article from the magazine "BGHW aktuell" of the Berufsgenossenschaft Handel und Warendistribution (Issue 3/August 2010):
Gesundheit am Arbeitsplatz: Trinken nicht vergessen

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