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- House/Security/Alarm
M240 ◁▷ P5123
M241 - Vibration Switch 12V DC
EAR registrated
Vibration Switch 12V DC
Vibration Switch 12V DC
Technical Data
Operation voltage
11 - 15 V direct current voltage
Own current consumption
in case of vibrations, motor runs (LED off): < approx. 0.000005A (< 5μA)
At rest, no vibrations (LED flashes)
< approx. 0.000008A (< 8μA)
Max. switching current (max. current consumption of the connected device)
1 A
At rest (no vibrations), the input voltage (11 - 15 V/DC) is switched through to the output and the connected device is in operation.
Switch-off delay during movement
approx. 3 seconds (depending on the intensity of the vibrations)
Switch-on delay at end of movement
approx. 22 seconds
Switching sensitivity
roughly adapted to the vibrations of an combustion engine in a motor vehicle
Operating temperature range
approx. -20°C to +70°C
Dimensions (without fixing straps)
approx. 60 x 45 x 20 mm
Vibration switch, switches 12 V devices off when vibrations occur (e.g. motor running noises) and on with a time delay at standstill. Operating voltage: 11 - 15 V. For devices up to a current consumption of approx. 1000 mA. Indication by a flashing LED. The vibration switch switches on e.g. signal horns when a machine (e.g. pump) switches off and no longer vibrates. Or a marten repellent, if the vehicle has no more engine vibrations or driver vibrations and is parked.
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