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B133 ◁▷ B182
B181N - Paralyser 15.000 V
Technical Data
To solder yourself
Operating voltage
9 V alkaline block battery
Current consumption
temporary (keystroke) 100 - 200 mA
Output voltage (spark)
> 15.000 V
Frequency of sparks
1 spark per keystroke, spark sequence: may be released every 2 seconds at maximum
Board size
approx. 64 x 68 mm
Produces high-voltage sparks of more than 15,000 V from a 9 V battery, which may even penetrate through cloth. Ideal as self-defence against wild animals, etc. or for physical experiments. The possession as a weapon is prohibited in many countries (e.g. in the EU). A deterrent effect is already achieved through the sparks flashing over and the sparking crackle!

Fitting case: G02B - 6 V Plastic Case, Large approx. 123 x 72 x 39 mm

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