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Dimmer 12 V/AC, 50 W (or 24 - 48 V/AC) [M063]
Dimmer 12 V/AC, 50 W (or 24 - 48 V/AC)
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EAN: 4024028030630
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Technical Data
Operating voltage 12 V/AC (10 - 14 V/AC) alternating voltage 50 - 60 Hz (for normal iron core transformers only, not for electronic halogen transformers)
Working mode phase control
Loading capacity for ohmic or inductive loads such as lamps, motors, electromagnets etc. up to 50 W (4,5 A)
Dimensions approx. 59 x 44 x 20 mm (without fastening straps)

For halogen lamps and motors
Controls continuously 12 V/AC incandescent lamps (e.g. halogen lamps), 12 V/AC heatings, motors (also direct current motors with added rectifier), etc.. Only to be operated at a 12 V/AC transformer (50 - 60 Hz), not suitable for DC voltage (accumulator)! It is also possible to control 24 V/AC (potentiometer 2.2 k lin.) or 48 V/AC (potentiometer 4.7 k lin.) by exchanging the potentiometer.

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