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M073N ◁▷ M079N
M079E - Flasher / Alternating Flasher 7 - 24 V/DC
EAR registrated
Flasher / Alternating Flasher 7 - 24 V/DC
Flasher / Alternating Flasher 7 - 24 V/DC
Technical Data
Operating voltage range
approx. 7 - 24 V
Power rating range (connectable lamp load)
approx. 10 mA - 1 A
Flash frequency
Ø approx. 1.2 Hz (approx. 1 flash pulse every 0.8 sec.)
Duty cycle per flash pulse
approx. 50% (approx. 0.4 sec)
Operating temperature
approx. -20 - + 80°C
On-resistance in the flasher unit
approx. 0.08 ohm
Dimensions of the electronic flasher unit
approx. Ø 3.4 x 8 mm
Dimensions of the corresponding capacitor
approx. Ø 6.5 x 12.4 mm
Protected against reverse battery and short-circuit proof
Very small electronic flasher unit consisting of 2 small electric components only during operation with an incandescent lamp. Circuit diagrams for many variations are enclosed. It is also possible to connect LEDs. However, these must be then operated with additional protective resistors (not included). 3 additional resistors (not included), which are tailored to the respective configuration are required for the operation as alternating flasher. The components have to be connected by using a soldering iron.
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