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- Light+Sound/Infrared/Kits
B051N ◁▷ B073
B062 - Infrared light barrier - max. approx. 18 m
Technical Data
To solder yourself
Operating voltage transmitter
9 V/DC
Operating voltage receiver
12 V/DC
Relay contacts
1x ON, max. 25 V / 3 A
Board dimensions transmitter
approx. 24 x 45 mm
Board dimensions receiver
ca. 55 x 45 mm
This light barrier uses the IC U2531B and works with invisible infrared light beams. Transmitter and receiver included!
Ideal for alarm systems, automatical animal picturing, remote control for garage doors, etc. With incorporated infrared filter for day operation!

Fitting cases:
G026N - Plastic Case approx. 72 x 50 x 28 mm
G027N - Plastic Case approx. 72 x 50 x 35 mm

Datasheet U2531B

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