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- Light+Sound/Infrared/Kits
B192 ◁▷ B197
B195 - Infrared detector
Technical Data
To solder yourself
Operating voltage
9 V/DC (8 - 12 V/DC)
Current consumption without signal
< 200 µA
Current consumption with a signal of a IR remote control
approx. 2 - 15 mA
Range between remote control and infrared detector
approx. 2 - 10 cm, depending on the remote control
Function display
via a light-emitting diode
Size of board
approx. 17 x 58 mm
With the aid of this circuitry it is made possible to carry out functional tests of infrared remote controls used in TV-sets and video devices, etc. Whenever there is radiation of infrared beams on the Special-Sensor, the LED will light up and indicate that the infrared remote control is operated.
As accessories is available our kit "B197 | Relay card 12 V/DC". This could be connected with the Infrared Detector and it is then possible to switch through the relay contact loads up to 3 A.

Fitting case: G027N - Plastic Case approx. 72 x 50 x 35 mm

Additional kit: B197 - Relay card 12 V/DC

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