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M122 ◁▷ M142
M128N - HF Detector (Mini Spy Finder)
EAR registrated
HF Detector (Mini Spy Finder)
HF Detector (Mini Spy Finder)
Technical Data
Operating voltage
9 V/DC block battery
Current consumption
< 15 mA
Frequency range
approx. 30 MHz - 3.6 GHz
approx. 102 x 61 x 26 mm
By means of this searching device bugging devices which are active in the room, computer or telephone can be located. Thus it is possible to find hidden bugging devices (bugs, mini spys).
The device responds to bugging devices with transmitting frequencies of approx. 30 MHz - 3.6 GHz with transmitter powers usual for bugs.
Display: 1 x LED for the turn-on control, 1 LED for indication of receipt from one transmitter (the closer you get to the transmitter, the faster this LED flashes). A 9 V/DC block battery is necessary for operation.
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