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- Transformer & Dimmer/Controller/Devices
E250 ◁▷ FG015
FG002N - Power control 230 V/AC
EAR registrated
Power control 230 V/AC
Power control 230 V/AC
Technical Data
Operating voltage
180 - 240 V/AC
max. 400 W
Load with an additional interference filter
max. 800 W
Short load capacity
(max. 3 sec) 1600 W
approx. 112 x 67 x 63 mm (without connector)
The output of ohmic or inductive loads 230 V/AC, which are controllable by phase control is infinitely variable with it. The regulator has a CE approval up to a load of 400 W. It may also control loads up to 800 W, but then an additional interference filter has to be connected in series. It is also possible to control temporarily (max. 3 seconds) loads up to 1600 W (e.g. in case of high starting currents for electric motors, only with additional interference filter connected in series).
Ohmic loads are e.g. electric heatings, soldering irons, etc.. Inductive loads are e.g. motors with carbon brushes (e.g. kitchen machines), electromagnets, vibrating tables, etc.. It is not possible to connect devices, which already have built-in control electronics!
Only for indoor use!
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