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- Transformer & Dimmer/Controller/Modules
M188 ◁▷ M197
M195 - PWM Power control 9 - 28 V/DC, max. 20 A
EAR registrated
PWM Power control 9 - 28 V/DC, max. 20 A
PWM Power control 9 - 28 V/DC, max. 20 A
Technical Data
Operating voltage
9 - 28 V/DC
Max. current carrying capacity
20 A (if the module is screwed on a cooling plate)
Control range
approx. 0% to 100%
Control mode
PWM pulse width modulation with a frequency between 300 - 600 Hz
4,7 k lin (enclosed)
Permissible loads
direct current motors, incandescent lamps, heatings, LEDs with protective resistors. Current consumption up to max. 20 A in each case.
approx. 87 x 60 x 33 mm (with mounting bottom)
Power controller for controlling DC loads (DC motors, light bulbs, heaters, LEDs with current limiting resistors, etc.) The use of PWM (pulse width) control works well even with electric motors running at low RPM. Switching frequency: approx. 300 - 600 Hz (for motors, a humming noise may be heard). The control is via the supplied potentiometer or optional with an external control voltage 0 to 5 V/DC.
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