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Power Control 230 V, max. 16 A for heaters [M204]
Power Control 230 V, max. 16 A for heaters
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EAN: 4024028032047
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Technical Data
Operating voltage 220 - 240 V/AC, 50 - 60 Hz
Output voltage pulsating, approx. 0.8 Hz with adjustable pulse length, switching on and off in phase zero crossing, respectively. Thus, almost no radio-interferences occur.
Max. current carrying capacity approx. 16 A
Connection via flat plug 6.3 mm
Current consumption without load approx. 0.3 W
Aluminium metal case with cooling rib, potted
Regulation via a connected and included potentiometer approx. 0 - 100%. The potentiometer is fully insulated on the operator side.
Operation display with installed LED
Dimensions approx. 55 x 50 x 36 mm (without mounting straps)

Regulates ohmic loads like heatings, etc. without additional need for interference suppression with pulses in zero crossing. Regulation takes place by switching on and off in pulses. It is, therefore, only suitable for heatings (heating plates, welding wires, thermal welding machines, ovens, etc.). Not suitable for motors and lamps (they would sputter and blink, respectively).

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