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M202 ◁▷ M204
M203 - Master/Slave Switch 230 V/AC - adjustable
Technical Data
Operating voltage
230 V/AC / 50 Hz
Max. currents
16 A, 3680 W (total power master + slave), where the maximum „Slave“ power is 2300 W (10 A). Example: if the „master“ connection needs 9 A, only a „slave“ load of max. 7 A may be connected.
Adjustable tripping power
approx. 5-60 W
Operating temperature range
0°C up to +50°C
„Slave“ Switching function
triac max. 2300 W (10 A)
„Slave“ minimum load
approx. 10 W (0,05 A)
Own power consumption
<0.2 W
Operating display
2-coloured LED, green – module ready for operation, red - slave active.
plug contacts flat plugs 6.3 mm.
approx. 87 x 60 x 33 mm
Automatically switches on another load (slave) when a machine, lamp, etc. (master) is switched on. The total power master + slave is max. 3680 W (16 A), with the maximum „slave“ power being 2300 W (10 A). The sensitivity of the master load is adjustable.
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