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- Transformer & Dimmer/Switches/Kits
B093 ◁▷ B181N
B133 - Precision timer
Technical Data
To solder yourself
Adjustable time
approx. 1 sec. to 10 min. or approx. 3 sec. to 40 min.
Adjustment of time
with an adjustable regulator
Operating voltage
12 V/DC
Current consumption
< 50 mA
Rupturing capacity
max. 25 V, max. 3 A
Switching contact
1 x ON
Board dimensions
approx. 56 x 45 mm
Adjustable time switch for switching operations from approx. 1 sec. to approx. 40 minutes. The device switches on after pressing the key and switches off again when the adjusted time has expired. The lapse of time may be interrupted any time with the reset key.

Fitting case: G024 - Case With Fastening Straps approx. 72 x 50 x 41 mm

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