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- Transformer & Dimmer/Switches/Modules
M102A ◁▷ M113A
M103N - Master/Slave switch 230 V/ AC (400 V/AC)
Technical Data
Operating Voltage
230 V/AC
Maximum Currents
15 A for the master, 15 A for the slave, but the total current must not exceed 16 A!
if the master port needs 10 A, only one slave load of max. 6 A can be connected
Tripping Power
The module connects at currents of approx. Ø 40 mA or less
Operating temperature range
-15 ºC to + 70 ºC
Switch Function
Relay 1 x ON max. 16 A
Own Power Module
<0.5 W
Dimensions without mounting brackets
67 x 65 x 37 mm
Connection cable (single core)
Automatically switches another load on when a machine, lamp etc., is turned on. It can monitor 1-phase or 3-phase (where a single phase is sampled) machines. On the output side, 1-phase devices (e.g. vacuum cleaner) are switched on automatically (or three-phase loads with an auxiliary relay, not included). Maximum of 15 A each. Total output: 3600 W.
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