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M113A ◁▷ M114N
M113D - Digital Timer 12 V/DC
EAR registrated
Digital Timer 12 V/DC
Digital Timer 12 V/DC
Technical Data
Operating voltage
12 V/DC ± 5%
Current consumption
off-condition: < 6 mA, on-condition:< 50 mA
Switching contact
1 x ON, max. 24 V max. 10 A AC or DC
strip terminal for additional on-key button, off-key button, switching contact, 12V operating voltage connection
1 LED each for “operation” and “switching on”
Adjustable turn-on times
1 second up to 2047 seconds in 1-second steps or 1 minute up to 2047 minutes in 1-minute steps
Accuracy of the adjusted times
approx. ± 10%
After starting the time, the switching on may be stopped at any time by pressing the “Off” key
Auto boot
When connecting a capacitor 22 μF >50 V to the terminals for the start push-button, the timer starts automatically when switching on the operating voltage
approx. 120 x 70 x 30 mm (without fastening feet)
Timer with adjustable times between 1 second and 2047 seconds or 1 minute and 2047 minutes. The timer switches on after pressing the key and switches off again when the adjusted time has elapsed. The time lapse may be stopped at any time by using a second key. External push-buttons may be connected (not included). The timer can also be started by external control pulses (3 - 24 V / DC) or automatically after switching on with the connection of an Elko (22 μF 50 V).
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