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31.M032S-Universal Amplifier 12 W "Plug & Play"
32.M071N-Ultrasonic vermin repeller
33.M091N-Phase Coupler for Power Line Products
34.M152-Rain Sensor 12 V/DC
36.B156N-FM receiver
37.M048N-Ultrasonic Generator
38.Z100-Marten Repellent Spray
39.M161-Ultrasonic Power Cannon
40.M174-Solar charging regulator Dual 16 A
41.M031N-Amplifier 3,5 W, universal
42.M157-Marten defence
43.M172-Bicycle charge controller USB (Mini B)
44.G085N-Standard Wall Case approx. 120 x 70 x 35 mm
45.FG025-Pasture Fence Device - High-Voltage Device for Electric Fences
46.M069N-Underground mole & vole repeller
47.FG025SET-Marten and Raccoon Repeller Electric Fence
48.M083-Battery charging regulator 12 V/DC
49.M202-Lead-Acid Battery Activator / Refresher 12 V
50.M169A-Temperature switch-thermostat 12 V/DC
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About us
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KEMO ELECTRONIC GmbH is a succesful family owned German company. It has produced in the last 30 years, around 350 different products such as interesting electronic kits, modules, devices, loudspeakers, plastic accessories and cases, just to mention some of our products.
Our range of articles is continuously developed and modernized. The satisfaction of our clients is our highest achievement due to the fact that all products have been carefully tested before producing them in series. Our production is done with the highest environmental standards guaranteeing not only an excellent quality but also an eco-friendly product.
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