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Soldering Course
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31.M048N-Ultrasonic Generator
32.M240-Power Control 230 V/AC, 10 A, Multifunction
33.B093-Electronic dice
34.M094N-Marten repeller
35.M167N-Level Indicator for Water Tanks
36.M091A-Phase Coupler for Power Line Products
37.M197-Twilight Switch 12 - 28 V/DC
38.M158-Water Switch 9 - 12 V/DC
39.M071N-Ultrasonic vermin repeller
40.M122-Twilight switch 12 V/DC
41.A001-Bending device
43.M202-Lead-Acid Battery Activator / Refresher 12 V
44.M172-Bicycle charge controller USB (Mini B)
45.B156N-FM receiver
46.FG016-Exhaust Control
47.E003-Experimental board - strip grid
48.M034N-Power Amplifier 40 W
49.FG025-Pasture Fence Device - High-Voltage Device for Electric Fences
50.M168-Overvoltage Protection 12 V/DC
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Soldering course - page 13

Picture of a cold soldering joint

The soldering joint on the far right is clearly a so called "cold soldering joint". (arrow) . The solder applied only to the wire not the land. The difference to the surrounding soldering joints is obvious.

REASON: Only the wire was heated; not the land.

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soldering presentation shortform

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