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Marten defense quality attributes
Soldering Course
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21.M032N-Amplifier 12 W, universal
22.M174-Solar charging regulator Dual 16 A
23.L100-Conductive Silver
24.M172N-Bicycle Power Charge Controller USB
26.M149-Solar charging controller 12 V/DC, 6 A / 10 A
27.M091N-Phase Coupler for Power Line Products
28.M169A-Temperature switch-thermostat 12 V/DC
29.Z100-Marten Repellent Spray
30.M157-Marten defence
31.M033N-Amplifier 18 W, universal
32.M012-Power Control 110 / 240 V/AC, 1200 VA
33.E003-Experimental board - strip grid
34.M031N-Amplifier 3,5 W, universal
36.M062-Mini-Fence-High-Voltage Generator
37.M158-Water Switch 9 - 12 V/DC
38.M071N-Ultrasonic vermin repeller
39.M168-Overvoltage Protection 12 V/DC
40.B093-Electronic dice
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Soldering course - page 6

Picture of inserting a component

Insert the component to the correct position on the board.

In case you are not sure please see the attached sketch. On top of the circuit board is an imprint of the corresponding components.
Diode, transistor and electrolytic capacitor: Please pay attention to the polarity.

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soldering presentation shortform

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