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Z002 - 1 Damp and 6 Roof Brackets
1 Damp and 6 Roof Brackets
Damp and Roof brackets for attaching bare wires to a downpipe to set up an electric fence against martens. Extension for FG025 electronic fence generator. Contains 1 damp (2-parts) and 6 roof brackets, 6 screws M5 x 25 mm for roof brackets for fasting at the pipe clamp and 2 screws M6 x 60 mm with nut for joining the pipe clamps.

Attachable to:
FG025 - Pasture Fence Device - High-Voltage Device for Electric Fences
FG025SET - Marten and Raccoon Repeller Electric Fence

See also:
Z001 - 8 Roof Brackets for anti-marten electric fence
Z003 - Bare Stainless Steel Wire, approx. 100m
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