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M091N ◁▷ M100N
M094N - Marten repeller
EAR registrated
Marten repeller
Technical Data
Operating voltage
12 - 15 V/DC
Current consumption
at 12 V/DC < 0.05 A
Indication of operation
through light emitting diode
Loudspeaker output
only for piezo loudspeakers!
Audio frequency
adjustable approx. 8 - 40 kHz (± 20%)
120 db (± 20%) with 1 speaker
Dimensions piezo loudspeaker
approx. Ø 30 mm x 13 mm
Dimensions module
approx. 60 x 45 x 25 mm (without fastening straps)
Produces intensively pulsating ultrasonic sounds which are found by martens and similar rodents especially unbearable, and therefore is capable to scare away these animals. This „Marten repeller“ includes 4 small ultrasonic loudspeakers to achieve a profitable radiation of the ultrasonic sound. Usage: This module is able to scare away martens from the engine compartment of cars and lorries, place where these animals use to gnaw at cables and other plastic parts! Or to be used in pantries, in the cellar or attic!

Please notice the article "Marderscheuche" from the german magazine "Electronic Actuell Magazin" no. 2/99.

Fitting additional loudspeaker:

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M094N Marten repeller
M100N Ultrasonic Anti marten device for motor vehicles
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M180 Anti marten device splash proof IP 65*
M186 Marten Defence for Motor Vehicles 12 V/DC
Z100 Marten Repellent Spray
Z101 Scent marks remover
Z115 "Ground"-Mat for electroshock devices
B243 Marten and vermin repellent 12 V/DC

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