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M055 ◁▷ M063N
M062 - Mini-Fence-High-Voltage Generator
EAR registrated
Mini-Fence-High-Voltage Generator
Technical Data
Operating voltage
9 - 12 V/DC
Power consumption
ca. 40 mA
Output voltage
pulsating max. 1000 V / 0.5 joule
Pulse frequency
ca. 1 Hz (1 puls per second)
High-voltage display
High-voltage cable length
max. 100 m (use paired wiring, wires not included)
ca. 72 x 50 x 42 mm (without fastening straps)
Produces from a battery voltage of 9 - 12 V/DC a pulsating, weak high-tension of approx. 1000 Volt. For electrically operated fences for small animals, as thief-protection etc.
The two high voltage wires must be simultaneously connected to the bare feet, tongue, snout or other part of the small animal to induce electric shock.
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