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M063 ◁▷ M069N
M063N - Dimmer 12 - 48 V/AC, max. 10 A
EAR registrated
Dimmer 12 - 48 V/AC, max. 10 A
Technical Data
Operating voltage
12 V/AC, 50 - 60 Hz (for normal iron-core transformers only, not for electronic transformers).
If the enclosed potentiometer is exchanged for a potentiometer 100 k lin., it is also possible to control 24 V/AC or a potentiometer 220 k lin. is required for 48 V/AC (not enclosed).
Mode of operation
phase control
Control range
approx. 0 - 90%
Loading capacity
for ohmic or inductive loads up to max. 10 A (with cooling) or max. 4 A without additional cooling, e.g. AC motors, incandescent lamps, heatings, transformers, etc.
Ca. 87 x 60 x 33 mm (with mounting bottom)
Controls continuously 12 V/AC motors (also direct current motors with added rectifier), incandescent lamps, heatings, etc. Only to be operated at a 12 V/AC transformer (50 - 60 Hz), not suitable for DC voltage (battery). It is also possible to control voltages such as 24 V/AC or 48 V/AC by exchanging the potentiometer.

Important installation instructions, please note!

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