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01.M186-Marten Defence for Motor Vehicles 12 V/DC
02.M176-Marten Defence for Motor Vehicles 12 V/DC, splash-proof with IP 65*
03.M100N-Ultrasonic Anti marten device for motor vehicles
04.M180-Anti marten device splash proof IP 65*
05.M234-Marten - Rat - Mouse Repeller
06.M149N-Solar Charging Controller 12 V/DC, 10 A / 20 A
07.M148A-Battery guard 12 V/DC
08.M152-Rain Sensor 12 V/DC
09.FG022-Marten Repeller mobile
10.M167N-Level Indicator for Water Tanks
11.M171-PWM Power control 9 - 28 V/DC, max. 10 A
12.M148-24-Battery Guard for 12 or 24 V/DC
13.M229-Marten Defence for Motor Vehicles, battery-operated with Dual Pol contact plates
14.M197-Twilight Switch 12 - 28 V/DC
15.M152K-Rain Sensor, Capacitive
16.M015N-DC/DC Converter, adjustable
17.M028N-Power control 110 - 240 V/AC, 4000 VA
18.M175-Animal Repeller Ultrasonic High Performance
19.M172N-Bicycle Power Charge Controller USB
20.M195-PWM Power control 9 - 28 V/DC, max. 20 A
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