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FG015 ◁▷ FG022
FG015F - Fox Repeller
Technical Data
Acoustic coverage
> 200 m (656 feet). In unobstructed space up to 600 square meter (6458,35 ft²)
Sound pressure
> 120 dB (± 15%)
Highly effective ultrasonic sinus sound of approx. 21 kHz sound can not be heard by human beings
at walls or ceilings with 4 screws Ø 3 mm (not attached)
operation with 4 batteries UM2 (R14, round cell), not included
suitable for outside assembly but only at spots that are protected against splash water (under the canopy, installed into aviaries in the garden, under a parking caravan, etc.)
Equipment-on indication
via a built-in LED which lights up during radiation of ultrasonic sounds.
Ultrasonic frequency
approx. 21 kHz (± 10%)
Angle of radiation
> 120°
Mark space ratio
approx. 0.6 sec. ON, approx. 6 sec. rest
special piezoelectric ultrasonic high-power loudspeaker with lacquered (humidity-proof) membrane
Tested temperature range
-15°C - +60°C
Acoustic range
> 200 m
Operating voltage
6 V (4 x batteries UM2)
Current consumption
idle approx. 0.005 mA, active approx. 5 mA
approx. 190 x 70 x 33 mm L x W x D (dimensions without fastening straps)
Ara ahuyentar animales montés como martas, roedores (de carports, desvanes, caravanas), jabalis, corzos, etc. (de jardines, campos, etc.). El aparato produce un tono ultrasónico muy alto, pulsante y agresivo de aprox. 21 kHz que es inaudible para la mayor parte de hombres, pero representa una molestia considerable para animales montés y por eso lo evitan si posible. En parte es también posible de ahuyentar perros y gatos que se han acostumbrado a la comunidad humana (¡Pero no siempre!). El aparato funciona con 4 pilas R14 (UM2) que duran hasta 8 meses dependiente de la calidad.
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