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Defensa ultrasónica de roedores 12 V/DC, resistente al agua con IP 65* [M176]
Defensa ultrasónica de roedores 12 V/DC, resistente al agua con IP 65*
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Technical Data
Features splash-proof | 3-fold effectiveness: ultrasound, electric shock, pulsating light
Operating voltage 12 - 15 V/DC (car battery)
Sealing The control unit including the loudspeaker is splash-proof according to IP 65* (it can be mounted at the entrance holes of the motor vehicle.)
Average power consumption < 5 mA
Switch-on function soft start so that the vehicle computer will not be disturbed
Automatic switch-off if the battery voltage decreases to < 11,5 V (± 5%)
Output voltage approx. 200 - 300 V/DC
Ultrasonic frequency approx. 22 kHz ± 10%
Acoustic pressure max. approx. 100 dB ± 20% (Ultrasonic devices should have a sound pressure level exceeding 100 dB (C) to avoid habituation (ADAC test results). (Source
Angle of radiation ultrasound approx. 160°
Loudspeaker impact sound generator, which makes the upper side of the case oscillate (splash-proof)
Sound sine, aggressively pulsating
Temperature range approx. -25°C to +80°C
Functional display flashing LED (approx. every 5 - 12 sec.)
Cable length high-voltage cable approx. 4 m (± 10%)
Fuse in the fuse holder 1 A
High-voltage contact plates 6 pieces, movable, approx. 62 x 42 mm each, stainless steel
Dimensions basic device approx. 40 x 50 x 70 mm (without cable entry + fastening feet)
Cable for terminal 15 If this cable is connected with „Positive“, the marten defence disconnects. The marten defence switches on if it is connected with “Negative” or does not receive any signal.
CAN data bus suitable for vehicles with CAN data bus.
Voltage peaks The device is protected against voltage peaks in the vehicle power supply up to 40V (< 20ms).
Optical determent The built-in pulsating LED unsettles the nocturnal martens in addition.
Why does the device have no frequency change? Answer Martens and other small predators emit short and intense warning cries, no siren sounds! Our anti-marten device imitates these tones very naturally and is, therefore, optimal to scare away martens.
*IP65 No penetration of dust at a low pressure of 20mbar in the case. Protected against hose water from any direction against the case (corresponds to 12.5 ltr./minute – garden hose) (test period: 5 minutes)

Chases away the marten through high-voltage plates (movable) charged electrically to approx. 200 - 300 V/DC through electric shock in the motor compartment of the vehicle (only weak current pulses that merely chase the marten away but do not kill it) and through strong, aggressively pulsating ultrasonic sounds. Extremely low current consumption (< 0.005 A), switches off automatically at a battery voltage of < 11.5 V/DC (does not discharge the battery if vehicles are being parked for quite some time). The basic device with the ultrasound radiation is splash-proof according to IP 65* and may be mounted directly at the vestibule opening of the marten in the car. Built-in brightly blinking LED.

Los accesorios disponibles:
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Z115 - Cojín de "masa" para dispositivos de descarga eléctrica
Z176 - Set de ampliación con 2 placas de alta tensión para M176

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