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M079E ◁▷ M083
M079N - Flasher/Alternating Flasher/Running Light
EAR registrated
Flasher/Alternating Flasher/Running Light
Flasher/Alternating Flasher/Running Light
Technical Data
Operating voltage
3 - 6 V battery
Clock frequency
approx. 3 x per second (3 Hz)
Duty cycle per channel
approx. 76 msec
for 1 - 2 LEDs
Alternating flasher
for 1 - 2 LEDs per channel
Running light (3 - channel)
for 1 - 2 LEDs per channel
Dimensions flashing electronic
approx. 18 x 10 mm
Very small, highly integrated flasher unit, which may optionally be used as flasher, alternating flasher or running light for 1 to max. 6 LEDs.
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