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M040N ÔŚüÔľĚ M055
M048N - Ultrasonic Generator
EAR registrated
Ultrasonic Generator
Ultrasonic Generator
Dane techniczne
Operating voltage
12 - 15 V/DC
Current consumption
< 50 mA
Loudspeaker output
only for up to 5 piezo loudspeakers!
Audio frequency
adjustable approx. 8 - 40 kHz (┬▒ 20%)
approx. 60 x 45 x 29 mm (without fastening straps)
Through ultrasonic sounds it is possible to scare away animals and insects: e.g. rats, mice, martens, wild rabbits, mosquitoes. If mounted at the car, roe will be put to rout (decreased danger of accidents). For connection of a piezo-treble loudspeaker. The module is an ideal aid to scare away destructive animals out of your pantry, kitchen, storehouses, garden, etc. Also to be used as dog whistle. There are some birds species which will be scared away out of your fruit trees.

Recommended piezo-tweeter:
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L002 - Ultrasonic wall loudspeaker
L003 - Piezo-tweeter ca. 8 Ohm 50 mm
P5123 - Mini piezoelectric tweeter for M094N

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