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M152K ÔŚüÔľĚ M158
M157 - Marten defence
EAR registrated
Marten defence
Marten defence
Dane techniczne
Operating voltage
11 - 15 V/DC
Operation display
LED on the upper side of the device
Current consumption
average ca. 1,2 mA (┬▒ 20 %)
approx. 12 kHz (┬▒ 10 %)
Acoustic pressure
max. 85 dB (┬▒ 25 %)
Pulse frequency
ca. 10 sec. on, then an interval of 10 sec. (┬▒ 20 %)
Fuse in the fuse holder
F 0,5 A
Operating temperature range
ca. -25 - +70 ┬░C
Type approval by the Federal Motor Transport Authority
ca. 91 x 50 x 28 mm (L x W x H with mounting straps)
...chases away martens from cars, garages, etc. with sharp, high tone bursts (ca. 12 kHz). Automatic activation in parking cars.
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