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- Swiatło i dźwięk/Infrared/Kits
B214 ◁▷ B239
B223 - Infrared spotlight
EAR registrated
Infrared spotlight
Infrared spotlight
Dane techniczne
Do samodzielnego lutowania
Operating voltage
12 - 14 V/DC
Current consumption
approx. 300 mA
Light wave length
approx. 870 - 950 nm
Board dimensions
approx. 74 x 56 mm
With the infrared spotlight CCD- and video cameras may recognize objects also in complete darkness. The infrared light is invisible for men, CCD-cameras can see well with an infrared spotlight. Perfect for inconspicuous observation of entrances, drives etc.

Fitting case: G089N - Transparent Wall Case, Standard approx. 121 x 71 x 31 mm

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