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M012 ◁▷ M015N
M013N - Twilight switch 240 V/AC
EAR registrated
Twilight switch 240 V/AC
Twilight switch 240 V/AC
Dane techniczne
Operating voltage
210 - 240 V/AC
Current consumption
< 40 mA
Switching contact (floating)
1 x switchover max. load 3 A (resistive load) max. 1 A (inductive load)
Turn-on brightness
approx. 10 Lux ± 50%
Turn-off brightness
approx. 60 Lux ± 50%
Delay in reaction
approx. 30 sec. ± 50%
Temperature range
approx. -15°C - +40°C
approx. 70 x 60 x 23 mm (without fastening straps)
This electronic twilight switch connects automatically by means of an installed relay lamps (e.g. energy saving lamps) or other consumers at nightfall and off again at daybreak. The module may also work the other way round: on at daybreak (for advertising displays, fountains etc.) and off at nightfall. Floating loads up to 3 A may be switched.
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