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FG015F ÔŚüÔľĚ FG022
FG016 - Exhaust Control
EAR registrated
Exhaust Control
Exhaust Control
Dane techniczne
Switching capacity
(consumer maximally suitable for connection) 230 V/AC 1600 W
Fuse in the device
8 - 10 A, 5 x 20 mm
Magnetic switch white dimensions
approx. 54 x 11 x 10 mm (is fixed at the window frame)
Magnet case white dimensions
approx. 54 x 11 x 10 mm (is fixed at the casement)
Cable length between the magnetic switch + adapter plug for the exhaust hood
approx. 5 m white
Adapter plug
(safety mains plug with safety socket) white
approx. 110 x 68 x 65 mm (measured without safety plug)
If an exhaust hood is switched on with the window closed and a hearth is in use (oven, fireplace), it sucks toxic carbon monoxide gases from the fireplace into the room and may kill men and animals in the room. This exhaust control ensures that the exhaust hood (or other exhaust ventilators) may only be switched on if the window is in ÔÇ×tilt positionÔÇť or open.
The Fireplace Directive (M-FevVO┬ž4) prohibits the operation of a fireplace and simultaneous suction of air, unless there is a sufficient fresh air supply (e.g. window in tilt position). The magnetic sensor of the exhaust control is fitted at the window. The exhaust hood can only be switched on if this transmits the signal ÔÇťwindow openÔÇŁ via the approx. 5 m long cable. A back suction of dangerous flue gases into the living spaces is thus prevented. The exhaust control is an adapter plug, which is simply put between the socket and the plug of the exhaust hood.
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