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Quality characteristics of a highly efficient marten defence

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Advices for qualities and approval marks which should be fulfilled by an effective and high-quality anti marten device. Please, Compare the qualities of the devices you want to shop, before you decide.

E1 Approval Mark The approval mark „E1“ is assigned by the vehicle Federal Office. The devices are checked by certified laboratory, the manufacturers or distributors are also certified to ISO. Compliance to ECE R10 is controlled annually by the representative of the vehicle Federal Office.

Low Power Consumption The devices must have a very low power consumption, so that with longer put down cars the battery does not become empty. Our devices have an extremely low power consumption. The M100N needs on average <2 mA and the device M186 <5 mA. This is less than the selfunloading of a standby auto-accumulator!

Automatic Disconnection Devices with a little higher power consumption should have an automatic disconnection if the battery loses too much capacity with very long durabilities. Our M186 switches off with an accumulator tension of approx. 11.5 V automatically. Most of the time the car can still be launched. If other anti marten devices do not switch off the car cannot be launched any more if the accumulator is empty. Our M100N has such a low power consumption that a disconnection is not necessary.

Real Ultrasonic The best acoustic expulsion of the marten is achieved with an ultrasound approx 20 - 24kHz. Our devices work with real ultrasound with a maximum power output of approx. > 100dB.

Dome Loudspeakers Ultrasonic tones spread out like a light beam, that means straight as the light of a flashlight. High quality anti marten devices use ultrasonic calotte tweeter with a hemispherical-shaped membrane. This has the advantage that the ultrasonic clay not only forwards, but also radiates to the sides.

High Voltage Maximum voltage on the contact plates should be between 200...300V. That is enough to scare away small animals like the marten. Higher Voltage is dangerous and could cause sparks, which could set fire in a car.

Function Control Self-control: Good anti marten devices have a built-in self-control. The marten defence M100N has a permanent selfcheck built in. The light-emitting diode is only blinking when the loudspeaker is working. At the M186 the high voltage is controlled constantly on the contact plates. If the high voltage is disconnected the LED is not nighting up. By our controlling lights you have a reliable announcement that the marten protection is still active. Though many devices from other manufacturers also have LED displays, however, these work regardless of the function of the devices. That means the LEDs can still light up if the devices do not function at all (loudspeaker does not work, no high voltage). Then you have no control if your marten protection still works.

Soft Start Our marten repellent products have a „soft start“; this prevents disturbance of the board computer

CAN-Bus Compatible Our marten repellent products are also suitable for installation into cars with a CAN-Data-Bus

Protected Against Voltage Peaks Our marten repellent products ensure that you are safe from the transient interference voltage peaks within on-board electrical system (< 40V, < 20ms)

Flashing LED In addition - a flashing LED scares away martens which are active at night

Optimal Sine Wave Impulses Why do our marten repellent products not have a frequency variation (changing sounds)? Answer: When marten and other small predators are in serious danger, they emit intermittent loud screams of fear and warning within ultrasonic range; this way they warn their fellow predators not to approach the area. These short, loud and fierce warning screams are not the kind of frequency-changing siren sounds. These screams are sinusoidal and are very life-like simulated by our marten repellent products. This is the ideal marten deterrence!

Matching Accessories For Engine Cover Note when using high-voltage contact-plates marten repellant products: in order to get an electric shock, marten needs to touch simultaneously the car ground (car bolster, metal parts in car, etc.) and one of the high-voltage contact-plates. Some cars have motor space that is completely wrapped in plastic which means that marten can not touch metal parts connected to the car ground and thereby can not get an electric shock. For these cases we offer as accessory a self-adhesive ground mat “Z115”. This mat is glued to a car and connected with a cable to a car ground. If marten touches simultaneously the metal surface of a ground mat with one body part (e.g. with a paw) and high-voltage contact-plates (e.g. with another paw or a jaw) it can get a fierce electric shock and leave the car.

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