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Marten Defence for Motor Vehicles, battery-operated with positive-negative contact plates [M229]
Marten Defence for Motor Vehicles, battery-operated with positive-negative contact plates
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EAN: 4024028032290
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Technical Data
Batteries required 4 x AA (UM 3 mignon, alkaline-manganese or a similar high-grade quality)
Current consumption Ø approx. 0.25 mA
Battery durability approx. 1 year depending on the quality of the batteries.
Circuit breaker There is a circuit breaker on the side of the device.
Loudspeaker high-power piezoelectric loudspeaker with vaulted aluminium membrane for broad sound radiation.
Sound pressure max. approx. 105 dB ± 20%
Ultrasound sinusoidal, randomly interrupting and varying frequency against habituation (one pulse approx. every 9 - 30 sec., approx. 21 – 24.5 kHz).
High-voltage approx. 220 - 260 V/DC 3 LED displays: flashing to control the ultrasound, high-voltage + battery.
Vibration switch built-in vibration switch, which switches the marten scarer off when the motor is running and activates it again in parking position (the motor does not run).
Temperature range approx. -20 to +80°C (also dependant on the inserted batteries, which often have a limited temperature range).
Approval mark yes, the e1 mark granted by the Federal Motor Transport Authority
Dimensions approx. 140 x 100 x 43 mm (without switch)
Dimensions two-pole high-voltage shock plates approx. 60 x 60 x 12 mm. Positive + negative contacts on 2 levels.

Marten defence with electric shock, high-frequency sounds and flashing LEDs and 6 double high-voltage contact plates with positive + negative connection. With built-in batteries (4 x AA), independent of the electrical system. No electrical connection to the electrical system of the motor vehicle required. Modern microprocessor control: The high-frequency scaring signals are emitted irregularly and at random intervals in order to avoid a habituation. The device switches on automatically by means of a vibration sensor only when the car is parked. The two-pole double contact plates ensure that the marten gets an electric shock in any case, even if it does not stand on a metallic base in the car (it must only touch both contact surfaces at the contact plates at the same time).

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