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M173 ◁▷ M175
M174 - Solar charging regulator Dual 16 A
EAR registrated
Solar charging regulator Dual 16 A
Technical Data
Input voltage
solar panels 15 - 30 V/DC open circuit voltage, 12 V/DC rated voltage
Max. charging current
total 16 A (2 batteries of max. 8 A each or 1 battery connected in parallel at both outputs up to 16 A)
1 or 2 batteries 12 V. If only one battery is connected then both outputs (1 + 2) in parallel (simultaneously) applied to the battery
one display per battery "battery is charging", 1 display: "all batteries charged".
In case of currents > 4 A the module has to be screwed with the metal bottom on a heat sink with a surface of > 300 sq. cm.
A pre-fuse F16 A is necessary (not included)
Switch-on voltage
battery approx. < 12,9 V/DC (± 7%)
Switch-off voltage
"battery charged" ca. 14,2 V/DC (± 7%)
Own current consumption (is taken from the battery)
< 2 mA
Reverse current-proof (no additional diode required)
ca. 87 x 60 x 33 mm (with mounting bottom)
To be connected between a solar panel 12 V/DC and 1 or 2 batteries in order to avoid an overload of the batteries. If 2 batteries are connected, they are charged separately from each other. The battery with lowest charging voltage always receives more charging current. With LED displays and high charging capacity: max. 2 x 8 A or 1 x 16 A.

Important installation instructions, please note!

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